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October 18, 2012



What a cool place. The formations are beautiful. The colors around the waterfalls are gorgeous.
I notice that you two had a jacket on but the boy in the one photo only has a t-shirt on. Entering a cave must be at least cool. Was it very cold in there?
Hope we can visit that area. You two have done a great job taking us on a tour of Lookout Mountain. Thanks.

Jeff & Barbie

Ruby Falls and the cave really fascinate me. Have often thought about going but never have. Thanks for the pictures and descriptions!

Chuck & Pam

Paul and Margery,
thanks so much for sharing your blog with us. I hope you don't mind that I put a link to it on our blog. We were at Chattanooga a couple of years ago. However Ruby Falls holds another memory. When I was a child my father ran a gas station on a major (at that time) highway, pre interstate system of course. Cars would come in with HUGE bumper stickers "See Ruby Falls". The stickers were very large and went all the way across the back of the cars. Somethings you never forget!

Thanks again, and I am reading your archives as we plan our trip to west Texas.


OMW. . .Ruby Falls looks awesome. . .and although I told Dave "no more caves, I am done". . .I believe I could make an exception for that one. . .wow!


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