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December 20, 2017


Paul Weaver

CONGRATULATION! I look forward to reading about your new home and the excitement of setting it up on your lot. Ohio Amish country and the Weavers will miss your summer visits.

It sounds like a great decision and I'm sure you both will love your home and all it offers.

Now about that work shop Paul....


Oh my goodness. I didn't see this coming. Paul and I know just how you feel about going up on that roof. We had to get our heat pump fixed yesterday. The repair man took a photo of chalking job and asked if we would like it redone. I think he was trying to tell Paul something.

We are happy we bought the house in Canton, but since I have been here two months, I am not a happy camper with the cold weather. I don't think I could take living here year round any more. I need the sun. Florida will be a perfect fit for you two. You have been so blessed to travel all these years. You were my first inspiration! I thank you for all the wonderful posts. It helped us in the early years, and we still go back to review places you have visited and we are headed to.

Your new home looks lovely. I do like the floor plan. Can't wait to see when you get the real thing and add your own personal touches.

Congratulations. Wishing you all the best with your choice.

Merry Christmas.


Happy for the two of you~~~! I will miss checking out your blog as Bob and I are travelling and I want to see what you guys stayed, what you did in the area, and where you guys ate...ect...God bless as you set out on your new adventure in life~~!

Mike Evringham

Congrats on your new Chapter. Can't wait to hear all about the changes during our March visit.

Mark from Missouri

Always enjoyed your posts. Things change and good to hear about your next move.

We are going fulltime in late 2019 and I was hoping to refer back to your wonderfully organized travel journal for ideas when we are in particular areas.

Would love to hear about your new home delivery, assume selling the RV/Truck and the entire process of your change to the park model.

Mark from Missouri

Bob and Jo Baskerville

WOW the times they are a changing. That park model looks really nice. Keep us up to date and maybe consider a free blooging service like Blogger from Google after that. Who knows you may find a restaurant we might be interested in :-)



Best wishes on this new chapter in your lives.

Rob & Linda Picchione

Congratulations on moving forward into a new chapter of your life! It's great that you can recognize when it's time to change and fully embrace that change.

Your blog site is one of those that helped us out immensely when we first began our full-time RV adventure. It will be sad to see all that history and knowledge just disappear.

I wonder if it would be possible to port it to something free like WordPress or ??. Even if you lost some of the functionality, there's still a lot of valuable content there that could potentially be preserved.

Wish we could help you there but our html and web skills are limited. Hopefully someone can step up with a solution.

May the next chapter of your journey be happy and full of new experiences.

Rob & Linda

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