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February 13, 2012



Paul isn't the only one impressed with the professional looking job. So are Paul, and I and Paul can be pretty critical. What a clever man that Paul is...making his own table saw. That is one HUGE refrigerator! I wish I could have had the freezer below but ours is partially in the hallway...no way Jose. I love yours. We hold our doors together with a simple bungee cord.
Also, I see somethings in that refrig that I would like you to make for dinner and ship to me. Is that asking too much?
Enjoy your new addition! Speaking of additions...where is Freeway? No pictures...boo hoo.

jeff & Barbie

What a fabulous job Paul did. I appreciate the step by step detailing of the process you shared with us. Paul must have a great feeling of satisfaction on a job well done. I'm sure you'll enjoy the "switch."


WOO-HOO -- Paul did a PHENOMENAL job -- just like I knew he would. It looks wonderful in its spot and I know you will enjoy it!

Gary Knotts

Impressive work Paul. Loved the detailed writeup. I sympathize on the shop issue. Before fulltimeing I had 1200sf, now a 200sf shed. But I did keep a small tablesaw. We have an identical coach and considered house style replacement a month ago when our Norcold crapped out for the second time. Wish I had found this article sooner. Now if you had a similar article on replacing the old style TV's. lol

Plumbing Job

I like the refrigerator full of foods .. YUM YUM! :)) actually It's a good post great articles and picture..

Kevin Lyons

I'm interested in how you bolted down your new Samsung Refer into the platform you modified. What size bolts and where did you secure them on the refer?

Steve Young

I am interested in how you bolted the Samsung down? My Norcold is screwed in front top and bottom as well as bolts in the rear of it.

Marcy & Joe Milligan

Wow great job Paul!! Our Norcold just went DOA, so we are researching what to do next. I think doing it ourselves is beyond our capability...so searching for someone in the San Diego area who might be able to do it.

Neal smith

I'm going thru exact same adventure with same reefer. How did he secure it for travel?

Absolutely greatest post on the web for this topic.


Paul Zeller

I put several lag screws through the base of the fridge onto the floor below. I also removed the leveling knobs from the front of the fridge, made 2 metal brackets from heavy mending plates, screwed the plates to the floor below the front of the fridge and ran bolts through the plates into the threaded holes for the leveling knobs.

I also wedged plywood braces between the top of the fridge and the ceiling to help stabilize the fridge at the top. I held the plywood in place with double-faced foam tape.

There are cooling coils that run through the walls of the fridge, so unless you can find out exactly where they are, don’t drill any holes in the body of the fridge.

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