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March 14, 2016



We have never heard of St. Brendan's Isle. Sounds like an excellent choice.

Way to go Margery. It will be years before you can settle for those "old fogy" plates!


Love the Everglades tag.
Old fogys stay put, you got wheels and beautiful ones!


Hey congrats! Welcome to the neighborhood, we now have the same street address. We've used St. Brendan's since 2010 and been quite pleased. It was originally recommended to us by some boater friends. We have been there once to visit "home". Professional operation.

We found the biggest cost increase from MA was the insurance on the tow vehicle, all else was less or equal.

Now you will also be able to get into the FL state park campgrounds for 1/2 price.

In regard to your old mail forwarder, why not just have the local SD post office forward anything that arrives there to your SBI address? I beleive that's a free service for any first class items, junk mail might be extra. You should be able to start that up online. I think you can choose to forward for up to a year, or just permanently change your address.

Paul and Margery Zeller

Thanks, Rob! However, Regarding changing our address from our mail forwarding service, the post office won’t accept a change of address from that address because it is considered a commercial address. We have to do it all on our own. It’s not that big a deal. We don’t get that much mail anymore.

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