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December 20, 2016



This is also a nice place in Avon Park, the Jacaranda Hotel has a nice restaurant inside and is normally decorated very nice for Christmas.



Great idea with the door. Hopefully now that you have it, you will never have to use it again.
We have the same issue with parking. Some times we have to drive around and around before we can find a spot to fit into.
Hope you are having uneventful travel days back to PA. What a wonderful holiday you will have with Lydia. Merry Christmas.


So glad Paul found the leak and able to fix it, Mr Handy Man.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


Sounds like you all have some great places to eat in your area. I know from FB you all are on your way North for Christmas!! You all have a safe trip and a very Merry Christmas!!

Paul Weaver

What a great solution Paul. Now why couldn't the RV builder do such a simple thing during construction????

Very impressive!!!

Janice L Evans

Paul did a great job on the access door. You would think the builder would have thought of that.

We laid the plank style vinyl when we replaced the floor in the motorhome. We thought it was super simple to do, so you guys will have no problem whatsoever.

I didn't check the time frame, but got tickled that there were three eating out episodes in one post. Way to go!

Bob & Jo Baskerville

Always hungry after reading your blog.

scott b

This is much better than reality television.

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